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The first photo is a winner! Sometimes I step back and let the kids do their thing, and boy was I rewarded with this one! The group hug and the smiles and the fun and love it conveys really come through. I love how the purple and grays the children are wearing draw out those colors from the rich fall palette in the background. This spot in Horseshoe Lake Park in Shaker Heights, OH is one of my favorite spots for family photo sessions! The soft lighting of golden hour adds such a beautiful glow to the images, allowing the children to shine together with the beautiful scenery.

Two babies – double the fun! And this twin baby girls newborn session in Beachwood, Ohio definitely was! With a ratio of 2 adults per baby (I’m not kidding! Mom, Auntie, my assistant, and me) we had the situation under control! These beautiful babies were a treat to work with, and I so enjoyed posing their little features and portraying the special bond that twins share in the images. There is true beauty in simplicity, and the first picture is one of my favorite photos. I love that there is nothing distracting the viewer from the natural beauty of these twin newborn girls, their perfect tiny little features, and the closeness they share. I try to use varied colors and props in every newborn shoot, and the gray tones of the last image, along with soft, side-lit glow remind me of a painting. As a newborn photographer, I love working with babies and love every newborn photo session, but twins are definitely a special treat!









This fun fall family photo session (try saying that 5 times fast 😉 ) at Horseshoe Lake Park really was a lot of fun! These kids have spunk, and their personalities shine through in every photo. As soon as I found that magical gap in the trees, I knew I had to use it in my photo session – and I’ve been back to that spot many times. The last picture looks so serene, you’d almost think the kids were just standing there quietly, contemplating the beautiful scenery, for more than just 10 seconds… This magnificent spot in Shaker Heights, OH is definitely one of my favorite places for family photography sessions!






This adorable little baby was calm and serene throughout our newborn photography session in Cleveland, OH. She was the sweetest little thing and I just couldn’t help putting her in pink, pink, pink. She couldn’t resist the soft, cozy fluff, and kept repositioning herself to rest her little cheek against it. Although I usually pose the baby during the photo shoot, I did let her pose herself for the third image below, and it was definitely worth it! She looks so calm and serene in that photo… And I could not believe that we managed to catch a picture with Baby T. smiling – with her eyes open!

Whenever I travel back to New Jersey and plan on being there for a few days or more, I let my old photography clients know that I will be in town. These beautiful images are from a summer photo shoot in Lakewood, New Jersey. When I first spoke to my client, I was really looking forward to photographing her 9 year old daughter along with her baby sister, and I was not disappointed. The adoration of the older sister for her baby sister really shines through in the last of these photos. The floral wreaths, butterfly, and bright whites really give a summery feel to the images from this fun family session!