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Photo Time: Characteristics of the Perfect Baby Photographer

The birth of a newborn baby is an incredibly joyous  and emotional time, but the precious newborn stage goes by so quickly. Before you know it, baby is already walking, talking, and growing out of the next size! Many parents want to capture the joys and milestones of their baby with a professional photo session, but don’t really know what to look for. Here’s a quick guide to help you find the perfect baby photographer.

Great at Preparation

A good baby photographer will be able to ask the right questions and provide ideas and suggestions of what will work best. Here are some important details that should be addressed and discussed:

  • Location – Will the session be in the studio? In your home? Outdoors? The right location can make all the difference in the world.
  • Style – What does your dream image look like? Do you like posed images and props, or do you prefer the look of lifestyle images ? It’s always important to check out the galleries on a photographer’s website to get a feel for their overall look and style.  
  • Equipment – Are there any particular props, clothing or scenes that you would like to incorporate in your images? The proper setting and theme is instrumental in bringing out the best in your baby.

A good photographer will have everything needed for the session. If you have a specific vision, pose or set-up in mind, discuss it before the session. Most photographers will be happy to accommodate. The photographer will also make sure you know how to best prepare your baby for the session and what to bring along.

newborn photography props

The Baby Whisperer

The best baby photographers  know how to make everyone at the session comfortable. They take time to calm the babies and pose them in natural, comfortable positions while keeping them safe and settled. They will make sure parents are comfortable and taken care of as well, so that everyone can enjoy a stress-free session.

Here’s what you can expect a good newborn photographer to do:

  • Baby – Pose baby comfortably and naturally, allowing him to stretch and move, keeping him warm and settled.
  • Mom – Make mom feel comfortable and pretty; reassure her, involve her, and offer information.
  • Dad  – Involve dad, make him comfortable and encourage him to join in some of the photos.
  • Siblings – Keep any siblings engaged and having fun.

It is important that every member of the family feel involved so they will have happy memories along with beautiful pictures to enjoy.

Little girl with newborn brother

Props & Know-How

Another feature of a great baby photographer is the proper use of props and equipment. Most photographers will have their own props and will work with you to create a look that fits your taste and decor. They will also be happy to incorporate a special prop of your own.  Here are some of the kinds of props they might use:

  • Colorful blankets and wraps of various colors and textures that will keep your baby warm and comfortable.
  • Baskets, boxes, and bowls hat are safe for baby and look beautiful in photos.
  • Beanbags and Backdrops for posing..

Not only will good photographers have these accessories for the session,  they’ll also have a flexible session flow planned. That plan should be discussed with you before the session and adjusted as necessary during the shoot. Some babies may sleep more, while others will be awake and alert most of the time. Some babies are more comfortable in certain poses than others. Each baby is unique and a good newborn photographer will be able to adapt and cater each session to best meet the needs of each baby and family.

newborn photo prop baskets

If you are in search of a baby whisperer, newborn photographer, smile inducer and memory maker, then you’ve found what you’re looking for at Little Poses Photography.  Get in touch with us today or learn more about our sessions.

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Sleepy Baby – Newborn Photographer in Cleveland, Ohio

This little guy (and he was oh so little!) was a real sleepy baby. He slept through the session and even gave me a beautiful, full fledged yawn (see below)! What treat for a newborn photographer! He kept his little hands wherever I placed them for the most part, and was really just a very cute and tiny little guy. We both had a great session, and his parents are thrilled with the gallery full of beautiful images of their adorable newborn baby boy!











A Not Sleeping Princess | Newborn Photographer in Cleveland, Ohio

She didn’t want to go to sleep, but boy, was she cute! This little newborn princess in Cleveland, Ohio let me pose her while awake, (which is something most newborn babies will not do!) and she even looked straight at the camera a few times! She did give me the gift of closed eyes for about a minute at the beginning of the photo session (disclaimer: one of her eyes was a tad open. I closed it in Photoshop. Bet you can’t tell which one it was ;D) but she did not want to sleep through her first photo shoot ever – especially her newborn session! And I don’t blame her; newborn photography sessions are my favorite too!
















Twin First Birthday Cake Smash | Baby Photographer in Beachwood, Ohio

They say that twins are double the work… but they are definitely double the fun! This twin first birthday cake smash session in Beachwood, Ohio was all that and more! From the sweet rock candy pops and frosting to the  even sweeter one year old babies, it was one of the sweetest sessions I ever had! When it came time to choose images for the gallery. I really had a hard time narrowing it down! Here are some of my favorite pictures from the session. The flower wall that their talented mom put together was really a winner! I love how the beautiful flowers blend to create a splash of beautiful color, and how the soft pinks complement their rosy cheeks. Cake smash photo sessions are fun and sweet – double the fun + double the sweetness = a recipe for cake smash success!














Sweet Sailing – Baby & Toddler Session | Baby Photographer in Cleveland, Ohio

In my work as a Photographer in Cleveland, Ohio, I get to photograph various children and families, which I enjoy immensely. I must admit, however, that my favorite people to photograph are the little ones; the babies and toddlers! From the innocence and purity of the littlest baby to the exuberance and love of life of the toddler, they make every photo session an absolute joy! This little guy captured my heart with his absolute cuteness – and did you see those cheeks!?! When his sweet big sister gave him a kiss, I was so glad I had my camera ready! The picture shows his delicious squishiness and the love they have for one another. Did I mention that I love taking pictures of babies and toddlers?